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What is LensMechanix?
LensMechanix is a SOLIDWORKS add-in for mechanical engineers who design optomechanical systems. This simulation and analysis software simplifies the transition between optics design and optomechanical packaging. After loading an OpticStudio design from a .zmx file into a SOLIDWORKS assembly, within minutes you can start designing mechanical geometry using lenses, sources, and detectors created as native SOLIDWORKS parts.

Then, run a ray trace to assess the impact of the mechanical components on optical performance. No more guesswork of ray bundles or time wasted manually rebuilding optical systems. Catch and correct problems early; then send an OpticStudio output file of the optomechanical system to the optical engineer for final validation.

How OpticStudio and LensMechanix work together

LensMechanix includes tools to package, analyze, and validate your optomechanical designs. Build the optical components with actual lens dimensions from OpticStudio, eliminating the need for STEP and IGES files.

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